centre of waste processing


The Centre activities are mostly focused on searching, development, improvement and testing of the technologies and practices for reprocessing of industrial and municipal metal bearing wastes with the aim to utilize their value and acquire new usable materials.


Until now, the Centre deals with research in following fields:

  • Processing of foundry sands
  • Processing of steel making dusts and sludge
  • Processing of sludge from surface finishing of metals
  • Processing and utilization of wastes from aluminium production
  • Processing and utilization of dross from aluminium melting
  • Processing of wastes from used electric and electronic equipments (WEEE)
  • Processing of used printed circuit boards
  • Processing of used mobile phones
  • Processing of spent portable batteries and accumulators
  • Processing of municipal waste in Košice
  • and others

Each waste is a valuable secondary raw material